Team Blog Week 4

This week we finally have a clear sight of what we need to do and how we are going to do it. Below there is the preliminar arquitecture for our project with the different technologies we are going to use:

We are going to use Heroku to host the whole project, Postgress for our DB, Go for the API and VUE for our web client. Travis is used for CI and solid still has a grey area defined for it as we dont know exactly how much we are going to implement.

We are also going to be splitting our work load so that each of us focuses on the different areas, Martell will be focusing on data analysis, Lucia on front-end design and implementation and Jesus on API integration. From the other courses we will have a group focusing on creating tests for our project. The Go API will probably have a TDD focused approach, while front end tests will be developed after those parts are done. On the Web development course we are focusing on the Go API and postgress integration as well as mounting the services on Heroku.

We will begin working on the project next week, with a basic iteration.


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